Biggest Prize Pools In Poker

There have been quite a number of massive prize pools accumulated in Poker tournaments over the years, and increasingly so over recent years.  The very structure of these tournaments, coupled with the sheer number of players competing in the tournaments, lends itself to the accumulation of gigantic prize pools.

Tournaments generally work on a “buy in” concept.  This basically means that players have to buy a seat in order to compete in the tournament.  The money collected from these buy ins go into a collective kitty, the bigger the kitty, the bigger the eventual prize pool awarded to the winners.

Some tournaments even offer players the option of a re-buy, making even more Poker chips available to them, and essentially, growing the prize pool even further.  Sponsorship’s and audience spectator fees also contribute towards the prize pool.   Sponsorship’s have been known to reach incredible numbers, especially at high profile events like the World Series of Poker and the likes.

2006 WSOP Main Event

The 2006 World Series of Poker main event saw a mind-blowing $82,512,162.00 up for grabs in total prize money.  The winner of that particular tournament, Jamie Gold, walked away with a whopping $12,000,000.00 piece of the pie.  During that year a total of 8,773 players bought into the chance of becoming the Poker World Champion – the price tag was $10,000.00.

The 2010 WSOP Main Event

Short on the heels of its 2006 counterpart, the 2010 World Series of Poker main event had a total prize pool of $68,798,600.00 in prize money in its prize purse.  That year it was Jonathan Duhamel who walked away with a fantastic $8,944,310 in prize money for his efforts.  On top of the honor of having been crowned Poker World Champion, of course.

As a matter of interest, Duhamel was later involved in a spot of trouble after having been robbed of his Main Event bracelet in 2012.  After much speculation and investigation it became apparent that Duhamel’s girlfriend had been part of the plot all along.

The 2011 WSOP Main Event

In 2011 it was Germany’s Pius Heinz who walked away with the lion’s share of the total prize money of $64,531,00.00.  The first place prize totaled to a life-changing $8,715,368.00.

Whoever said that playing and having fun could not be profitable too? These prize pools will surely get bigger over time too, so in years to come they could reach astronomical proportions!

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