Betting Max in Slots

Many new casino players will ask themselves whether or not they should be betting the maximum in slot games. Lets take a look at the pros and cons so that you can work out when to go big!

Choosing to Not Bet Max

It is simple to say that, no, players should definitely not be betting the maximum, as this will ensure they are spending the maximum amount of money they can, which is not always a good thing, particularly for new players. If new players are unfamiliar with the game, they are likely to make a few bad decisions, and so betting the max would not always be in their favour. The common understanding here is that player should rather play it safe.

However, there is much evidence showing that, indeed, betting the max can be beneficial and that players should take up the many advantages that come with betting the maximum. If players are unfamiliar with the game, then they should rather play free games first, and if their budget is small, then they should rather decrease their total spending time, and not choose to bet less and pay longer. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Accessing All Pay Lines

If players bet the maximum on each slot game and play with all the pay lines active, then their winning chances automatically go up. This is simply because they will have the chance to hit more winning combinations. While surely this will cost more than simply betting on, for example, one or two pay lines, the rewards are potentially much greater when choosing to bet the maximum amount. The payback percentage is significantly lowered when players choose not to play the maximum amount.

  • Accessing Jackpots 

Very often, progressive jackpots can only be accessed if players choose to bet the maximum. This is certainly reason enough to choose to play the maximum amount. However, even if the slot game does not have a progressive jackpot that can only be accessed by betting the max, it is still a good idea when playing for the jackpot to play the maximum bet, simply because this will ensure that the payout of landing the jackpot will definitely be worth it. The payout is directly proportional to what was bet.

Making the Choice

That said, whether or not to bet the maximum amount possible does still depend on the type of game played and the player’s budget. Ultimately, the choice is up to the player. However, as a standard rule it is advisable to always bet the maximum in order to access the greatest winning chances!

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