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Get ready sports fans: The Champions League group phase is starting to heat up. Even with the first set of games already past, we have a whole autumn of great football to look forward to. But if you’re getting impatient waiting for the next match, check out these football-focused mobile casino games for a way to keep the excitement going.

The round-robin Champions League Group Stage competition started in September and will go through December. The schedule has a hefty line-up of promising matches as teams face off for their place in the 65th Season of the UEFA Champions league. Loving football and loving gaming go hand in hand…they both give you an edge of competition and a taste for glory. Whether you’re rooting for defending champion Liverpool, any of their tough contenders from Spain’s La Liga, or an underdog, you can take in some winnings for yourself when you play a Football-Focused game online…no matter how your team performs.

Fantasy Football

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If you’re a fantasy sports fan, pick your squad for the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League fantasy competition.

  • Choose your team: You’ll choose a 15-player team using a virtual budget (each player is assigned a “price”). There are a few rules for how you can pick—for example, during the group stage, you can only choose 3 players from the same club. As the season goes on, you’ll choose 11 players before every match day deadline to get credit for their performance. You’ll also choose a captain (who gets twice the credit per performance point).
  • Bonus features: The game also includes bonus features like a wildcard (unlimited player transfers for one match day) and a limitless wildcard (create a team without budget restrictions + unlimited player transfers for one match day) to sweeten the deal.
  • Score points and win in your league: You’ll be awarded or deducted points based on your players’ actual performances in the day’s matches (for example, you’ll be awarded 4 points if your forward scores a goal, but lose 1 point for a yellow card)

With fantasy football, you’ll be rooting for players from lots of teams, so it makes watching all the matches more exciting.

Football-focused Online Slots

Experience the excitement of the football pitch wherever you are, with these football-focused slots in the Gaming Club™ mobile casino.

  • Football: Champions Cup™: This online slot from Netent is a video slot that puts you in your favourite players’ cleats. It’s a 5×3, 20 pay line game with special features like Overlay Wild Substitutions, Free Spins and a Bonus Game. You’ll even hear the crowd cheering for you as you spin your team toward victory.
  • Football Star: Microgaming’s Football Star is a fast-paced football-themed video slot set in the bright lights of the football pitch. This slot has a 5×3 reel with 243 ways to win. You can boost your chances at victory with Rolling Reels™, Stacked Wilds, and an on-target Striking Wild feature. The fun continues with 25-spin Free Spins rounds and multipliers up to 10x.

Other card and e-sport games

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There’s no end to the number of ways to enjoy football—you can also enjoy video games and card games while cheering on your club.

  • E-sports: Play football video games online to compete alongside your favourite players in games like FIFA and or play in more action-focused games like Axiom.
  • Football Studio: This game from Evolution Gaming gives football fans a platform to enjoy live match commentary during the Champions League Group Stage, as well as a chat client to connect with other fans. The sports action is accompanied by a simple two-card game called Top Card, where players bet on what will be the higher card. You can bet on a Home Win (one card), Away Win (the other card) or a Draw. The game is hosted by football enthusiasts, who also act as sports commentators when there are live matches. This lets you keep one eye on the game while you make your bet on the cards at the same time, keeping things exciting no matter what’s going on in the match.

Even if you can’t make it to any of the matches or catch them all on TV, you don’t have to miss out on the hype of football season with these football-focused games. No matter who takes the trophy, you can be the winner.

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