Android vs iOS: Which is Safer?

The question of whether iOS is better than Android or vice versa has been in the mind of just about every consumer at some point in time, with the two operating systems both offering some seriously innovative technology over the past couple of years.

The thing is, there isn’t really a right answer as there are so many valid opinions that essentially stem from personal preference. However, we can take a look at which of the two could be the safest bet when it comes to online casino gaming on your mobile device.

Android vs iOS: Which is Safer?

Ever-Evolving Technology

A while back the majority of the people purchasing mobile devices would swear by Apple products, which was largely due to the fact that their security was beyond impressive and it was pretty much impossible for their devices to contract a virus, especially in comparison to what was considered the unpredictable Android platform.

However, the truth today is that your pricey iOS device is no longer completely safe from the nasty attacks and bugs created by cyber criminals and hackers, and although it appears as though they still tend to target Android a lot more, iOS-based malware variants are without a doubt on the rise.

Precautionary Tips

The best thing to do, regardless of which device you choose to go for, is to make sure that every single time you sign up to a casino or download a mobile casino app to your device, you take the right steps to guarantee your safety.

Apple has developer guidelines that are fairly strict for iOS apps, so you can usually assume that any apps in iTunes are safe. However, Google Play is a lot more lenient and you therefore, have to be extra careful when downloading the apps. It is generally a good idea to download from a casino’s direct link to avoid duplicates.

The Importance of Wi-Fi Security

When it comes to security in terms of Wi-Fi, it really doesn’t matter whether you are playing your online casino games on an iOS or an Android device. Always ensure that the Wi-Fi connection you are using is secure.

Although your devices and secure casino apps contain data encryption software, cyber criminals will often target public Wi-Fi connections in order to gain access to your personal information and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

At the end of the day each OS has their fans, and it comes down to personal preference when playing casino games!

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