Catch the Prehistoric Fun With Anderthals

anderthalsslotgameSource: Microgaming

If you’d like to turn to a mobile casino for some much-needed fun at the moment, then keeping an eye open for some of the best new online slots has to be worth it. Thankfully, there are some great game developers making new concepts in their highly entertaining slots for Microgaming. Just one of these software developers is Just For The Win. In the past, it has had some great successes with games such as Deco Diamonds Deluxe, Rockabilly Wolves and Amazing Aztec, among others. The latest in this line of fun titles is Anderthals, a game that is set way back in the past when early man coexisted with some fairly fearsome reptiles.

Meet Annie and Andy. They are the Anderthals. In this game, you will get to know this pair quite well as you seek out some great prizes with one another. Be careful though! They have a dinosaur they keep as a pet so you had better watch out! Read on to find out what this mobile casino game has to offer new players who might never have tried an online slot before as well as the more discerning player who is looking for something novel.

Game Design and Concept

To begin with, Anderthals is a five by four reel game so you end up with twenty symbols scattered across your device’s screen every time you take a turn. What’s more, there is a feature spot that sits on top of each of the reels. When you match the randomized feature spot to two corresponding feature symbols in the reel beneath it, then the corresponding feature will be triggered. More on the various features Anderthals provides later, though. For the time being, it is important to say that this game has bright colours and a groovy soundtrack to give you lots of instant appeal.

The initial look and feel of Anderthals is certainly all very positive, but it does not wear off after a couple of turns. For example, landing a pair of scatter symbols will activate two of the game’s main features as frequently as once in every 25 spins. This means that there is more than enough variation in the gameplay to keep most players entertained.

As for the game’s characters, they are cute enough and you can think of them more like cartoon companions than anything that would genuinely resemble prehistoric life in a cave. The base game is orientated nicely for people playing on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. Beyond the conventional jack, queen, king and ace symbols common with these sorts of video slot games, the feature symbols are all extremely easy to understand. This is because most of them indicate exactly what they do in words rather than representing something else. The animation and the background are both handled with aplomb, too.

In terms of its design and concept, there is nothing to complain about. Now, let’s turn to those all-important features.

What Features Does Anderthals Offer?

As mentioned, you need to have a corresponding symbol in your feature spot above the reel where two feature symbols appear to activate any features in Anderthals. This gives it an innovative twist that is a break from the standard. A good example is the ‘Free Spins’ symbol which – as you might expect – offers you extra turns. It is fairly generous, too, providing at least a further eight chances to spin a winning combination. Then, there are the instant prizes which are sometimes multiplied into the bargain. Players can get up to three times their standard win with this feature.

Expanding wilds work conventionally – they will fill up an entire reel with just one symbol. Extra wilds are similar and provide additional wild symbols to augment your current crop. Wild multipliers work in much the same way but can beef up your prize by as much as three times. It is worth knowing, however, that the doubling wild and the trebling wild symbols can never occur on the same spin in Anderthals.


Anderthals is a high volatility game that offers plenty of opportunities to win big. It will appeal to many gamers because it has a high RTP and 40 paylines that you can win with. If you have multiple paylines on the same line, then Anderthals will select the highest prize  for you automatically according to its paytable. Only one combination per line will pay out but you should also know that multiple wins can occur on each spin so long as they occur on different lines. All in all, this game works on so many levels that virtually anyone who gives it a try will be pleased with it.

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