All About Gaming Conventions

Gaming conventions are probably the most exciting events in any iGaming expert’s yearly calendar. Conventions are the ultimate place for developers, corporate operators, aspiring game creators and other evangelists to get together and discuss the latest new innovations in the world of online casino games.

Generally speaking, you need to be a member of the industry in order to attend prestigious yearly events like the ICE Totally Gaming convention, which is held in London. With that said, if you’re simply a massive fan of brand new games and technologies, you may have wondered what actually happens at gaming conventions like ICE! Well, wonder no more – read on to discover what these thrilling conventions are all about.

• New Game Demos & Testing

The biggest iGaming developers in the business will often reveal their latest new games and products at a convention like ICE. A lot of these games and products will be available for play testing at the events themselves, with vendors setting up game demos at their stalls to display their latest creations.

This way, developers can gain the feedback of operators and other major companies before officially releasing their games, and also draw big industry attention to the new releases to boost their chances of a successful launch. ICE terms itself a ‘launch pad’ for each year’s greatest technological gaming innovations, as hundreds of new games and products are revealed at the event every year.

• Scheduled and Planned Events

This encompasses two different topics: the games themselves, and seminars and discussions around them. Games which involve large numbers of players or people may be scheduled their own slot in the event – a good example would be eGaming events. ICE’s seminars are completely free to attend, and even offer visitors a chance to debate up-to-the-minute industry developments.

Another major part of these conventions is networking. Events like ICE may set up specific time slots in which industry experts give talks or presentations. Networking nights may also be held as a chance for guests to get to know one another, swap contact details, and collaborate on new and exciting ideas.

• Industry Announcements

iGaming companies will often use major gaming conventions like ICE to make big announcements regarding the latest company news and innovations. For example, at ICE Totally Gaming 2017, Playtech took the time to reveal to the crowd that they had just inked a new deal with Warner Bros Consumer Products and would soon be bringing out a new line of thrilling DC Comics-based slot games.

It’s also very common for companies to make first public announcements for upcoming purchases of other iGaming firms, the rights to certain games, or any other big news that the industry would find intriguing.

• Scheduled Game Play For Press & Guests

Companies that reveal brand new games at gaming conventions are understandably eager to let guests try them out and offer rave reviews! These scheduled game plays are often one of the most highly anticipated events at gaming conventions, as they give visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the newest tech in the field.

• Live Gaming Tournaments

Holding live game tournaments for press members is a sure fire way for iGaming companies to get some great press coverage. Some conventions may charge a small fee for entry into these tournaments, and others may allow visitors to enjoy the tournaments for free as part of the scheduled events.

The prizes on offer may not be as impressive as in a real casino setting, but it certainly allows gaming convention guests to experience their thrills first hand!

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