Advantages of Joining a Casino’s Loyalty Club

Advantages of Joining a Casino’s Loyalty Club

Be it land-based or online, almost every casino out there offers an in-house loyalty club for their players. Of course, the point of a loyalty club is always to bring a casino more players, but what does it mean for you?

A casino loyalty club adds layer after layer of benefits for you, creating more value for your cash. And let’s face it – who would turn down the prospect of a bonus? If you’re interested in taking advantage of casino loyalty clubs, check out this list of benefits so you know what to expect when you sign up.

How Casino Loyalty Clubs Work

The first thing you may be wondering about is how casino loyalty clubs work. Each and every programme is different, including our own generous loyalty club here at Gaming Club. However, the basics of these programmes are generally the same.

Each time you play an online casino game for real money, you’ll be awarded a certain number of loyalty points. Some games award more points than others, especially those with a higher variance like slots, as well as games that are on promotion. The more you play these games, the more points you earn!

The Benefits of Loyalty Points

So, what do you do with loyalty points? The good news is that loyalty clubs will allow you to trade them in for a bonus , exciting promotions and other casino gifts. If you choose cash, you can wager your casino bonus again to improve your chances of a real money win.

Exclusive Bonus Offers

Members of casino loyalty clubs often enjoy bigger and better bonuses than players who haven’t joined the programme. Welcome bonuses, seasonal bonuses and even promotions for major upcoming events are all things you can expect when you join a loyalty club.

Casino Tournaments 

Got a competitive streak? Members of casino loyalty clubs will often be given exclusive entry into exciting casino tournaments. Many of these have a guaranteed prize pool too!

VIP Programmes and Rewards

Once you advance to the final level of your casino’s loyalty club, chances are that you’ll become a revered VIP member. This means more loyalty points, increased bonuses and you’ll even have your own VIP manager. Casinos also award their VIP club members with special extras like cruise tickets, vacations and more, making the VIP tier one you’ll definitely want to reach.

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