A Playlist Fit For The Flash

The Flash playlistSource: Revenge of The Fans

Unlike traditional superhero tales, the role of The Flash was not only portrayed by one character. In fact, according to DC comic books, the speed force had an effect on four individuals, namely Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen. These characters might be known to many, particularly if you’ve been following the CW Network series, The Flash. This supernatural force left these characters with lightning fast speed that, particularly in Barry Allen’s case, was used to put an end to evil crimes taking place within the city. But, what would someone that moves from one place to another at an unnatural pace listen to?

Jamming While Fighting Crime

Someone who gets around so speedily could definitely use some jams to keep things interesting and, more importantly, fun. If you were to stumble across an iPod that holds a collection of The Flash’s all-time favourite hits, what would it consist of? Would it be classics, or is he more of a Hip-Hop and R&B kind of guy? Let’s take a closer look below.

Footloose – Kenny Loggins

This timeless track takes its rightful place at the top of the playlist, and frankly, it should come as no surprise. With an upbeat tune and catchy lyrics, this classic would put a spring in any normal person’s step, so just imagine what effect it would have on a speedster like The Flash.

Always On Time – Ja Rule ft Ashanti

With lightning fast speed on his side, we doubt that The Flash would be late for any engagement. Ja Rule and Ashanti made the perfect musical pair, and this R&B classic has the power to get anyone out onto the dance floor. When running around fighting crime all day, a sprinkle of Ja Rule and Ashanti’s hit would definitely have the power to keep this superhero running around town for a little longer.

Push It – Salt-N-Pepa

Even a supernatural speedster gets tired from time to time. What better way to keep moving than by grooving to the beat of the classic hit by Salt-N-Pepa, Push It. Released in 1986, this title has probably found itself on many infamous playlists, so it comes as no surprise that even a superhero like The Flash is drawn to it.

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This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

It’s Friday night and The Flash is getting ready to make some bad guys pay for their crimes. What better way to get the job done, than by showing others exactly how the superhero thing is done. While evil never rests, even a flashy speedster needs to ring the weekend in with a bang, and this anthem is definitely the perfect way to do that.

Let’s Hear It For The Boy – Deniece Williams

After a long week of fighting crime, even a superhero deserves a pat on the back. While superheroes very often do not receive the credit they deserve, a bit of self-praise could go a long way. And what better way to clap for yourself, than with the all-time favourite hit by Deniece Williams. In this case, this lightning fast hero is definitely “The Man”.

Musical Hits – The Only Way to Fight Crime

Perhaps music can be considered another superpower, we see the magical effects of it every day. And if supernatural beings like The Flash have also found good use to it, perhaps the answer to world peace is not as complicated as many people portray it to be. Until we find a solution though, we still have groovy superheroes like The Flash to thank for their crime-stopping efforts, and evidently, their fantastic taste in music too!

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