A Look At Gambling Advertising

A Look At Gambling Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of any industry, and gambling is no different. What makes advertising in the gambling industry particularly interesting, however, is not only the various laws that have surrounded the industry and its adverts, restricting or otherwise hindering it, but also some of the highly unusual ways in which casinos have chosen to advertise themselves. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting highlights for advertising in the gambling industry.

Modern Advertising

One of the most interesting ways in which the modern gambling industry has chosen to advertise itself is on the shirts of football players. This space, a small spot on a t-shirt, has become one of the most sought after advertising spots in the world. This, of course, is due to the enormous popularity of football in almost every country.

An advertisement on a football player’s shirt is guaranteed to be seen by millions of eyes, depending on the team and the status of the match in question. It has, over the last few years, become commonplace for online bookmakers and casinos to advertise in these prime t-shirt spaces, to such a degree that some football teams have become synonymous with the casino they advertise.

Bookmakers made the decision to take this advertising space due to the popularity of sports betting. Interestingly, however, some of the countries in which these t-shirts will be seen do not even allow online sports betting, and the adverts themselves would be restricted in the country in other cases.

Outrageous Advertising

Some adverts are simply aimed at getting the consumer familiar with a particular brand or product, which is to be expected. Other advertisements, however, gain notoriety for their very nature. The more outrageous and startling the advert, the more attention it will get. Hence, some casinos have gone to some pretty drastic measures to make their adverts stand apart.

Some casinos have really gone out of their way to advertise in some rather mind blowing ways, and some stunts have garnered an incredible amount of attention. In one case a casino offered a woman $10,000 to have their website address tattooed on her forehead. And no, not a little tattoo that could be easily missed; a tattoo so large it is impossible to miss. The woman agreed, and to this day has the casino’s name emblazoned across her forehead. If she regrets it or not is anyone’s guess, but one can’t help but think she might have demanded a higher sum. It is not a temporary tattoo.

In a similarly outrageous stunt, a casino put a temporary tattoo on the body of a nudist, and paid the person to run buck-naked out onto the field of a UEFA semi-finals game. Many were not impressed by this stunt, since it cased a lengthy disruption to the game. You can bet many people saw the advertising, however, so that was mission accomplished!

Advertising Laws

Laws regulate gambling, as with any industry, but the unusual thing about gambling laws is that they tend to change on an almost yearly basis. In many parts of the world the laws tend to shift back and forth, such as in the United States, which can not only be very confusing, but can also greatly effect the longevity of advertising. It is possible that an advert may become suddenly and unexpectedly prohibited by law, just a short time after being released. This is a common problem for casinos in the United States.

The United States has a reputation for having different laws that regulate gambling and its advertising, in each different state. When crossing a state border new rules may apply, some of which directly appose the rules of neighbouring states. This means that a person may suddenly find themselves under laws they didn’t even know were in effect, simply due to the fact that they had crossed a border.

One of the reasons that Las Vegas has earned a reputation for being the central casino hub of the country is due to the laws in Nevada. Nevada is a state that allows gambling and the advertising of gambling, which is not true for many surrounding states. If a person wishes to participate in gambling they may be required to first travel to Nevada. Hence, Las Vegas is a casino hub out of necessity.


The question about gambling advertising is not how the adverts themselves will change, but rather where they will or won’t be allowed to be shown. Laws will undoubtedly continue to fluctuate and shift, which creates an ever-uncertain landscape for casinos and their advertising. It remains to be seen if laws will be relaxed or tightened, and in which regions either of these options will occur. Either way, it will be interesting to see this notoriously fickle and ever-changing industry develop.

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