5 Ways The Internet Changed Gaming

Ways The Internet Has Changed Online Gaming

Those of us who are a little bit older than the average millennial remember an altogether different gaming landscape than the one that we know today.  This was gaming before the online world was established and the leaps and bounds have been about so much more than just being able to multi-play against a friend on the other side of the globe.

The Ability To Spend Money Online

A.k.a. micro transacting.   In the past it was a matter of buying a game at the local nerd hang-out store, taking it home, loading it onto your computer – and away you went.  As far as money spent was concerned, that was the end of the story.

Then, along came electronic payment method; and with these came an alarming number of different ways to spend money on all sorts of add-ons and additional purchasable goods.  In many ways, the ability to spend money online represented the real birth of online gambling.  Without the electronic payment technology, players would not have been able to play for real money.

Gaming News

The Internet has had the same revolutionizing effect on gaming news as what it has had on traditional news reporting.  Gaming news was once limited to a few dedicated gaming news magazines.  Now, little tit-bits can be found in pop-ups and inserts all over the show.  These are used for advertising as well as purely informative purposes.

The Social Factor

The Internet has turned our world into a global village.  Previously we had to make do with being entertained by our games of choice without much interaction with our friends or acquaintances.  Today it’s an entirely different story.  Chat rooms come standard with most online games.   Players are able to have full-on conversations, whether the topics are game-related or not, swap ideas, strategies and even third party software like patches and cheats.

Online Progressive Jackpot Networks

Without the Internet, online progressive jackpots would not have been possible.  These jackpots are accumulated by specialized gaming software gleaning a portion of all money spent in a certain network of games.  Every once and again, a lucky player will become the fortunate beneficiary of the mighty gathering of funds.

Mobile Gaming

Without the Internet, mobile gaming would never have been possible.  Internet-enabled smart mobile devices have changed not only how we game, but also where we game and how often we game.

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