3 Tech Innovations in Store for 2020

If there’s one thing consistent about the gambling industry, it’s its capacity for change – or rather, to keep up with change. And there’s nothing in this world that evolves faster than technology. So, when the world went online, casinos were among the first companies to go online too. When everything went mobile, casinos led the way.

So if there’s one thing you can bet on, it is that casinos will continue to be at the forefront of every technological wave to come. Here’s our list of some of the revolutionary changes you can expect in the next three years alone. Prepare for gambling to become virtually unrecognisable by the end of the decade.

Casinos go Virtual

Once the stuff of Sci-Fi movies, virtual reality is now such an accessible technology that you can even purchase VR headsets at your nearest mall, with a variety of options – including the Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and the Occulus Rift – on offer.

With electronic gambling already the preference of the majority players, the industry’s most logical next step is to go virtual. Indeed, there are now several online casinos compatible with the virtual interface. Leading software developers have begun work on VR slots for this format and the competition is sure to follow suit shortly.

eSports Betting takes Off

In recent years, traditional televised sports have encountered growing competition from a new player on the field. eSports are the next big thing among those who prefer to place their bets on games that leave less up to chance.

eSports players take their games just as seriously as traditional athletes do so, naturally, there is money to be made. The online format of eSports such, as the League of Legends and Dota 2, makes them ideal for gamblers who already play online. Unsurprisingly, many casinos are now adding eSports to their books and players are flocking to back their favourite teams.

Mobile Gambling takes Over

Mobile gambling is possibly the biggest thing to happen to the industry so far. As such, mobile gambling revenues have already far outstripped those of internet and traditional casinos. Being able to play on the move hasn’t only changed the way we play; it’s revolutionised the way we live. And it’s not over yet…

Because mobile gambling is so popular and convenient, it will soon take other developments like VR and eSports betting to a whole new level.

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