What’s the Score With the New Online Slot, 11 Champions?

Gaming Club: ChampionsSource: Microgaming

Every so often, there is a mobile casino game that turns up with a sporting theme. This is certainly the case with the new online slot 11 Champions, the latest release from Microgaming, the highly respected casino mobile game developer. Of course, nearly every mobile casino in Canada has games that are themed on winter sports, especially hockey, but this one is focussed on the world’s most popular team game, football. It is certainly a game that is going to appeal to soccer fans. However, don’t be put off if you don’t know the difference between a wing-back and a centre-forward because 11 Champions has something to offer all fans of mobile casino games. Read on to find out more about this fun new game.

11 Champions – The Essentials

At first glance, 11 Champions has plenty of appeal. The setting of the game is inside a huge soccer stadium, which is packed out to watch a top-flight game somewhere in Europe between two of the biggest clubs in the sport. There are cheering fans, lush green grass, neatly painted lines and, of course, those all-important goals. The game’s graphics are organized in a 16:9 ratio so players will be able to enjoy it on most devices.

In 11 Champions, there are five spinning reels laid out horizontally. When you take a turn, they all spin and produce three rows for you, top, middle and bottom. As well as the usual slot game symbols – 10, J, Q, K and A – there are some football related ones, such as soccer balls, goalkeeper’s gloves, boots and a championship trophy.

To kick things off, 11 Champions offers players a marked position for their chosen football champion. When you spin the reels, this champion player is allowed to either pass or dribble the ball around the pitch. As this takes place and the game progresses, additional positions will be marked for you. Once a player is in a position whereby a shot on goal is possible, a free respin will be awarded. Crucially, this will be issued with a multiplier. What’s more, you will have all of your currently marked positions turned into wilds for the ensuing repsin.

The idea of the game is to retain possession of your marked positions. The game designers have tried to equate this with the idea of holding on to the ball in a real game of soccer. In fairness, converting a mobile casino game into a real game of football is no easy task but the team behind 11 Champions have done a fair job of it.

Gaming Club: ChampionsSource: Microgaming

Game Features to Look Out For in 11 Champions

If you get a winning combination following a spin in 11 Champions, then it must flow from the left hand side of your screen to the right. It is possible to come up with more than one winning combination, according to the game’s paytable, but only the one with the highest value will pay out. That’s normal for a slot game of this type. In addition, however, you can also open up the game’s Blazing Wild Streak feature.

With the Blazing Wild Streak Feature, the game’s Action Reel will determine whether or not any new positions will be marked on the field play for you and if a Blazing Wild Streak respin will be triggered. Either way, every pass and dribble you get via the Action Reel will make your progress towards the goal that much more likely. With every shot you can take with the Action Reel, a new Blazing Wild Streak respin will be awarded. Even better, multipliers will be applied to any wins you get from these respins.

The other cool game feature in 11 Champions is the Jackpot Bonus game. This sub-game is triggered if you are lucky enough to obtain three scatters following a spin. You then need to choose cards until you get a matching set of three. If so, the jackpot prize will be awarded!

Your Review of 11 Champions in Summary

If you want to know the key points about 11 Champions before giving it a try out, then it is best to know that it has a high return to player (RTP) ratio that is just a little shy of 96 percent. This excellent RTP is strong for a high volatility game which offers players of all kinds the chance to win some astonishing jackpot prizes.

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