10 Songs Inspired by Gambling

Gambling has been the inspiration for movies, books and of course, songs. We’re going to take a look at 10 songs that’s lyrics were inspired by casino games!

#1 – The House of the Rising Sun

A smash hit by The Animals, this song tells the story of a man who spent his life chasing his losses in a casino. It’ a bit gritty, but it’s an awesome ditty that’s featured in movies like Goodfellas.

#2 – Ace of Spades

A Motorhead classic, everyone knows that Lemmy loved gambling, and Ace of Spades sums up his love affair!

#3 – The Gambler

A song that made Kenny Rogers famous, The Gambler urges players to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em. To this day, The Gambler is one of Roger’s most often played songs.

#4 – Blackjack

Ray Charles can sing about anything and make it sound good, but Blackjack is an engaging tale about a man’s adventures at the table, and this Blues track aptly sums up the highs and lows he experiences.

#5 – Poker Face

Lady Gaga is the master of creating a play on words, and in Poker Face she does exactly that. Many other artists have covered this catchy tune, but no one does it as well as Gaga as she tells the story of how you can win big in casino games, and in love.

#6 – Easy Money

Piano man Billy Joel does this great song justice as it tells the story of a man’s passion for gambling. With references to everything from table games to horse racing, Easy Money makes you feel like wagering on the world!

#7 – The Card Cheat

A rather unhappy song, The Card Cheat by The Clash tells the story of a gambler who cheats and loses it all. It’s a great reminder that cheaters always get caught and that when playing casino games, honesty is the best policy- unless you are bluffing of course!

#8 – Winner takes It All

This ABBA song simply has to be on the list and although it may not be directly linked to casino games, its message is loud and clear.

#9 – The Jack

AC/DC hits all the right notes with The Jack, a song that’s inspired by a women who looks like she knows nothing about gambling, till she reveals a winning hand and beats him by having the Jack!

#10 – Tumbling Dice

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Rolling Stones song, and what better one to have than Tumbling Dice? It has plenty of gambling references and it’s sure to get your feet tapping.

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