10 Reasons to Play at an Online Casino

There are countless reasons why online casinos trump playing in a land based venue, so we’ve decided to bring you the top 10 reasons why your computer is the best place to be!

1. Online Casinos Can’t Cheat

Now let’s just be clear about something; its not being suggested that all real world casinos cheat! On the contrary, most real world casinos have excellent records. Online casino games, however, are literally incapable of cheating, unless they have been designed to do so. Which they haven’t. Not convinced? The software used in online casino games is shared, free to be inspected by anyone who has an understanding of code. RNG’s are used to create game results and these are also audited by 3rd parties to ensure they are fair and accurate, so results are always unbiased.

2. Twenty Four Hour Access

It’s true that many real world casinos have twenty four hour a day access, but who wants to drive to a casino at four in the morning, when all you really want is a few rounds of Blackjack to help you sleep? Online casinos never close their doors, are willing to welcome you at any time, and are more than happy to grant a few rounds of Blackjack at four in the morning.

3. Promotional Deals

Online casinos are notoriously generous, offering signup deals that really are rather staggering. This means you can claim astronomical amounts in bonus cash simply for signing up and playing for real money. Regular player rewards, loyalty clubs and promotions are also up for grabs, enriching your game play every time you play online.

4. Special Rules

Real world casinos can be a bit strict about the rules of their casino games, and rightly so, since it can get a touch confusing if you’re the person whose job it is to make sure things run smoothly. Online casinos, however, are not shy about bending and twisting the rules of popular games, offering new and interesting variations.

5. Multiplayer Options

If you’re thinking that online casino games are just about as anti social as it gets, you’d be wrong. Many online games now support multiplayer and live play options, allowing players to gather at virtual tables, play games, chat, and even buy each other virtual gifts.

6. Variety Is the Spice Of Life

There are hundreds, even thousands of online casinos, and this means a great deal of choice for players. If one casino is not tickling your fancy, simply try another. You’ll basically never run out of options. There are also far more games available online, as online casinos are not limited by floor space.

7. Free Play Casinos

Online casinos are happy to let you practice your favourite casino game without having to spend a cent. You don’t always have to be winning real cash to have a good time.

8. Mobile Phone Casino Games

Most of the best online casinos have dedicated downloadable applications, meaning that you have a portable casino in your pocket. Accounts are flexible, meaning that you can start playing on your desktop computer and finish in a queue at the local bank.

9. Active Communities

Online casinos have dedicated, active communities, offering tips, help discussing strategies and generally helping each other out. There is no better way to improve your game than to learn from others.

10. Socialise With The World

Find yourself having a round of poker with people from all corners of the globe, and understand how the Internet is bringing the world closer together. Many online casinos are borderless, depending where you are in the world, and this is something truly unique.

Playing online really is the best option and Gaming Club is happy to show you why!

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