10 One-Hit Wonders That Captured the Spirit Of The 2000s Before Fading Into The Next Decade

They came, they played, they wowed, they expired. Although these musicians and artists of the ‘00s are only known for burning bright with one amazing song, we honour their fleeting fame. After reading this blog post, become your own “one-hit wonder.” Just one big hit is all you need to win major cash at the casino games hosted by the Gaming Club online casino.

Butterfly (Crazy Town – 2000)

Butterfly” flew to number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2000. This rap/pop hybrid inspired the globe with its blend of slick beats and infectious melodies. “Butterfly” was the third single for Crazy Town’s debut album, The Gift of Game. The band’s second album in 2002 didn’t do as well, leading to their 2003 breakup.

Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus – 2000)

This teenage anthem set the stage for shoegazing, teenagers throughout the early 2000s. Stemming from emo music of the late ‘90s, this upbeat song encapsulated pop punk’s revival. “Teenage Dirtbag” was the debut single from Wheatus’ eponymous debut album in July 2000. Although the band have released five albums and are still touring, they have been most well-known for their initial single.

Bad Day (Daniel Powter – 2005)

Canadian pop star Daniel Powter ranked number one of all one-hit wonders in the 2000s, according to Billboard, thanks to “Bad Day.” “Bad Day” sat at the top of the charts for five weeks in 2006 and was the first single to ever sell two million digital copies in the United States. Save a few albums and recent appearances, Powter has not matched his early acclaim.

Aserejé/The Ketchup Song (Las Ketchup – 2002)

Las Ketchup is a Spanish all-girl band, most known for “The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)”, a single released in 2002 from their debut album. The single sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. The debut album, Hijas del Tomate, sold 12 million copies. The group still performs, although they haven’t produced any more singles since 2006.

The Middle (Jimmy Eat World – 2001)

Jimmy Eat World put out three albums before they hit the big time with Bleed American. With this song they released the single, “The Middle,” for which they achieved breakthrough success. It rocketed to the number five spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. Although they have released nine albums and are still performing, “The Middle” remains their biggest single.

Who Let the Dogs Out (Baha Men – 2000)

This catchy song from the Bohemian group Baha Men had the world singing the famous chorus. Gaining global popularity, the song was Britain’s fourth best-selling single in 2000 and reached the Top 40 in the United States. It also won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Since 2000, the band has not eclipsed the power of their most famous single.

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley – 2006)

Crazy” burst on the music scene in 2006, featuring Cee Lo Green and Danger Mouse, the two members of Gnarls Barkley. Relatable with a good beat, this song won a Grammy, ranked number two on the US Billboard Hot 100, and made Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” Danger Mouse and Cee Lo Green lead successful independent music careers, but Gnarls Barkley never topped “Crazy.”

Around the World (ATC – 2001)

A dance staple, “Around the World” was the debut single for German Eurodance group, ATC. Their most successful single, this song ranked within the top twenty in many European countries. It also ranked 28th on the US Billboard Hot 100. The band produced a handful of singles and two total albums before breaking up in 2003.

I Don’t Wanna Know (Mario Winans – 2004)

American R&B artist Mario Winans found success in 2004 with “I Don’t Wanna Know.” P. Diddy provided a rap solo and Winans sampled Enya’s “Boadicea,” giving the song its ethereal hip hop tones. It ranked number one in the UK and the Netherlands and stayed at number two in the United States for eight consecutive weeks. Winans has not had another notable success to date.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love (The Darkness – 2002)

The Darkness was the English hair band to beat all anachronistic hair bands. In 2002 “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” was released as the third single from their debut album, Permission to Land, and ranked number two in the UK. Unfortunately, the lead singer, Justin Hawkins, struggled with substance abuse and the band started to disintegrate in 2006. 

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