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Tigers Eye Pokies: Up for the Challenge?

People are rarely satisfied with a single style of online slot machines so the developers have to come up with something new and fresh to keep people interested. Tigers Eye Pokies are the latest jungle-themed options available at Gaming Club and if you stay alert you might be able to win big while you play.

Tiger Inspired Graphics and Symbols

The visuals in Tigers Eye are vibrant and appealing, with a consistent use of exotic animals for many of the symbols, which help to keep the game relevant to the theme. You will want to keep a lookout for the titular Tigers Eye, since this is the symbol which could help you to hit the best jackpots as it is a Wild icon.

From a technical point of view the layout of the interactive elements is unfussy and will be familiar to any regular pokies players, with smooth animations making each spin a pleasure to behold.

Roaring Tiger-like Sounds

The thump of jungle drums pulses away in the background thanks to the excellent audio presentation of Tigers Eye pokies. The sound of the reels spinning seems to emulate that of an Aztec tomb opening, as stone rubs on stone in a pleasingly weighty way. Chimes and audio hits are pleasant without being abrasive and you can always disable the audio if you wish.

Tiger-Sized Winning Opportunities

This is a five-reel game and there are a total of 40 different paylines on offer each time you spin. Winning free spins is possible and Tiger’s Eye keeps up with a number of contemporary online slot machines by offering an integrated secondary game which allows you to place bets and potentially multiply your winnings exponentially.

This slot machine gives you the option to bet at a wide variety of lines, so you can start low and then work your way up as you become more confident in your understanding of the game or feel that you are on a streak.

We trust that right about now you’re pretty amped to start your online pokies expedition. If you want to up the ante, you may want to try out our range of Progressive online pokies. These online poker machines house the biggest jackpots found online – best of luck!