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Retro Reels Pokies – a hot slots title

There are some intriguing concepts for slot machines games out there, but with Retro Reels pokies, Microgaming and Gaming Club are returning to a more traditional form for this poker machine title, which will please old hands and no doubt amuse players new to online pokies too.

As with many slot machines games, you will find yourself faced with five reels and 20 paylines to navigate and the game as a whole offers a simplistic, no-frills design that is accessible and easy to get to grips with. Although you need only bet a few coins at a time, you could win a potential maximum jackpot of 100,000 coins if you are lucky. There is a sequel to this title called Diamond Glitz for those who really enjoy the game.

The Retro Symbols

Keeping with the classic feel of Retro Reels pokies, the game's common symbols include the familiar dollar symbols and bars and fruits such as the cherries and lemons. You are especially looking to get the bonus symbol though, because when two or more of these appear somewhere on the screen, it means you are in for a whole bunch of free spins.

You will receive at least ten bonus spins, but getting more bonus symbols at one time will grant you up to 25 free spins. These spins let you double your winnings and while using your free spins, you can also reactivate the free spins mode. Another handy symbol is the scatter, which multiplies your earnings by as much as 100 times in some cases. This multiplier may not always fetch such rewards though and could be as low as times two in some cases.

Respinning – the extra winning edge

Whenever you use the slots, you will notice the respin feature after every attempt you make, positioned under the respective reels. This useful button can be activated to literally respin the result you have got for free, in the hope that your new spin will yield better results than before.

The repsin key is a truly unique addition to have in a slots game, but if you’re seeking something a little greener and involving the very likeable pastime of fishing, then Alaskan Fishing online pokies is sure to delight you and give you the chance to ‘hook’ the big one!