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Play Progressive Pokies – An Extra Chance to Win

Progressive pokies are Australian online slot machines, or poker machines if you will, with a progressive jackpot attached. This means that each time a stake is placed on one of a group of machines a tiny portion of that stake is taken and added to the group pot which will eventually be won by a player on one of the grouped machines.

These progressive jackpots can get very big as the combination needed by a player to win it has high odds; although the chances of each machine winning are all equal so it does not matter which of the linked machines you play. Eventually one of the players will get the combination of icons needed to hit the jackpot and the whole process starts all over again; almost any online casino will have progressive pokies and you can see when they were last won and what the jackpot is standing at.

Pokies and Progressives – All in One

Whichever online casino you are playing progressive slots in, will have a standard machine linked with a progressive jackpot. This means that whilst you are playing a game that gives you a chance at the huge money, you are also playing a standard slot as well and have all the bonuses and prizes that you would expect. Keep an eye out for the wild card to substitute for a missing symbol in a win line and spin the scatter symbol to get free spins or bonus games; the only difference is that your stake is a tiny bit smaller as each time you spin a little bit is added to the progressive bonus. Watch the bonus as it rises and make sure you know what your winning combination is to get a chance at scooping the loot.

Progressive pokies are great fun as they offer all the features of standard slots with the added adrenaline rush every time you get anywhere near the big money combination of icons.

Online pokies have truly become embedded in the hearts of many Aussies players. For a truly thrilling slots game that offers an adventure of the highest waters, Tomb Raider online pokies never fails to disappoint – try it today!