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Nuclear 9s Pokies – Radiating Excellence

Nuclear 9s Pokies has only been around for a few months but this online pokies game has already caught the attention of many players thanks to its appealing design and variety of ways to win.

Nuclear Graphics

When it comes to symbols, this version of online pokies keeps things nice and simple, with traditional bars, bells and cherries all featured in abundance.

The Scatter symbol relates to the atomic theme of the game as a whole and you can feel as if you are playing in an underground bunker while you weather the nuclear winter that rages above you, all the time enjoying the gameplay and the chance to win money.

When you hit a good payline or activate the Power Spins™ feature, the graphics really shine as animated elements and onscreen pop-ups roll smoothly and enhance the experience.

Nuclear Sounds

The audio experience is a strong point of this pokies game as it features a driving backing track and some well-designed sounds which synchronise nicely with the graphics. The music also picks up the pace when you have performed a particularly good spin, enhancing the excitement and keeping you interested.

Nuclear Winning Opportunities

This is a five-reel online pokies game and it comes with a total of nine winning lines, which is the main reason it has been given this name. The number nine crops up a number of times and as you are capped at a wager of 90 coins you might become very familiar with the 9 symbol as it rolls around on the screen.

Additional features such as Power Spins and Rolling Reels means that you will have a good chance of multiplying your winnings each time you play.

Why not try out the Nuclear 9s game as part of your online play sessions? It makes a refreshing change from some of the more common payline options and follows in the footsteps of great online pokies such Atomic 8s, which you may also have enjoyed in the past.

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