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Melbourne Casino: Pokies and Other Games

Home to many an online casino, Australia is responsible for the spread of one of the most popular games in recent years. Pokies have been around for years, most notably in the form of slots or fruit machines, which many British people will remember from their childhood visits to the seaside.

Soon after the introduction of the online casino, Australia spotted an opportunity to bring poker machines or pokies to the internet. While games developers operating in the US and Europe made their own slot games, pokies would eventually become the next big thing.

Why Pokies?

Pokies are different from most other games that can be played on a Melbourne casino website. While pokies have been around for more than a century in some form or another, the online version is a relatively recent phenomenon. An online Melbourne casino will offer a rich variety of pokies alongside traditional casino games, such as poker, video poker, blackjack and roulette. Some pokies casino even offer free casino games!

Modern pokies tend to be very different from traditional fruit machines, which typically feature a three-reel layout with lines of matching fruit forming the pay lines. Online pokies usually employ a five-reel format with multiple pay lines – sometimes more than two hundred, but more often between fifteen and twenty-five.

Pokies can produce big payouts. Really big. Some multiplier options generate twenty-five times the value of the original bet. Beginners are advised to play online pokies that feature relatively low minimum and maximum bets until they become familiar with the winning combinations and general game play. Experienced players often play high-stakes pokies, with maximum bets of around $12. Although the risk of losing money is evident when each spin costs $12, the opportunity to win big pays off for many; indeed, a $12 bet could easily hit a multiplier and generate winnings of $12,000.

Pokies Games Bonuses

Online pokies often feature rich graphics and cool sound effects. Players can immerse themselves in the game play, so pokies are quite unlike traditional slots. The games also provide players with plenty of chances to win free spins, which are triggered when certain scatter symbols appear. Free spins are usually accompanied by multipliers, thus increasing the value of winnings generated during this phase.