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Cairns has one, rather expansive casino

In terms of the world of online casino and iPhone casinos, Australia has as much to offer as many other countries, but beyond online casinos, visitors and residents may find certain cities a little sparse with regard to the quantity of their casino offerings. Luckily then, Cairns, although it is one such example, has quality in the form of one rather expansive casino. Despite only having one casino, Cairns casino fans will be glad to note that estimates place the number of table games in the city at 44 and the number of gaming machines at least 500, meaning there is space for a lot of gaming action.

About the Casino

The Reef Hotel Casino is where the gambling action is at in Cairns. This hotel doubles up as a Cairns casino but caters to everyday guests as well as those who come to try their luck at its boutique casino. Visitors enjoy restaurants and the attached Pullman Hotel, which holds five stars and boasts some 128 rooms for the benefit of guests, gamblers and casual visitors. There are four restaurants and a few bars, the latter of which are close to the gaming action.

Play Casino Games

In terms of gambling facilities, the Reef Hotel Casino offers a lot of variety. There are hundreds of gaming machines and gambling is spread across games such as Pontoon, Baccarat, Roulette and Money Wheel. In the case of Rapid Roulette, the casino utilises electronic terminals for player comfort and ease of use. These make it easy to place bets on a Roulette game and serve as a new interface.

Denomination choices are available, meaning players can choose to play with one cent or a dollar, for instance, whilst staff at the casino are ready to instruct guests in the case of casino visitors being unfamiliar with the particulars of a game.

As with many other casinos the world over, the Reef Hotel Casino offers promotions and special events, such as a player reward system, to keep keen gamblers coming back for more. It is worth nothing that Melbourne is yet another great Australian casino destination worth visiting.